Montréal Climate Partnership

The Montréal Climate Partnership

A dynamic initiative built on the expertise of existing organisations

The Climate Montreal Partnership (CMP ) is an independent initiative that brings together more than one hundred economic, community, institutional and philanthropic organizations. Its mission is to mobilize key players in the Montreal community to help reduce GHG emissions by 55% by 2030 and put the city on the path to carbon neutrality by 2050.

The MCP builds on the successful collaboration established in 2018-19 by a group of philanthropic foundations with the City of Montreal and the C40 Cities organization to develop the City's Climate Plan and is inspired by the best engagement models internationally, such as the Green Ribbon Commission in Boston and London Business Climate Leaders. The partnership places the city among the leading global metropolises in the C40 by making the ecological transition a pillar of its prosperity and attractiveness.


The initiative is funded by the Foundation of Greater Montreal, the Trottier Family Foundation, the McConnell Foundation and the City of Montreal.


Mélanie Le Berre (she/her)

Directrice générale (en congé de maternité)

Delphine Chalumeau (she/her)

Engagement and Operations Officer 

Caroline Gosselin (her)

Events and Outreach Manager 

Allison Reynaud(she/her)

Directrice générale par intérim et directrice du développement et des partenariats stratégiques

Founding partners

The Foundation of Greater Montreal engages individuals, families and organizations to support their community through the creation of funds to advance the goals of sustainable development in Greater Montreal. The Foundation publishes Greater Montreal's Vital Signs, builds on the assets of more than 650 funds, guides donors and supports community charities. As a member of Canada's network of 191 community foundations, it encourages philanthropy as an important lever for the well-being of Greater Montreal.

The Trottier Family Foundation aims to make a significant and positive impact on the world. In the spirit of that vision, the Foundation supports projects that promote scientific inquiry, mitigate climate change and protect the environment, enhance education, and improve healthcare. The Foundation strives to catalyze and scale transformative innovations, create cross sector collaborations, and take risks that others cannot.

As the City of Montréal unveils its ambitious Climate Plan 2020-2030, the creation of the Montréal Climate Partnership is proving to be of paramount importance in mobilizing the Montréal community towards climate action and the achievement of specific objectives of the Climate Plan. Comprising 46 concrete actions, the Climate Plan will enable Montréal to achieve the ambitious targets it has set for itself in terms of ecological transition, namely reducing the community's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 55% by 2030 (compared to 1990 levels), achieving carbon neutrality by 2040 for its own operations and by 2050 for the community. The City's participation in the Montréal Climate Partnership is an important demonstration of its willingness to work closely with economic, community, institutional and philanthropic organizations to make Montréal an inclusive, resilient and carbon-neutral city.